‘James helped transform our garden from a weed-covered wreck into a well thought-through, beautiful space. His expertise and advice was crucial in helping us work out exactly what we wanted and he worked hard to achieve it within our budget. James was reliable and easy to work with - he gave us great tips and techniques and we wouldn't hesitate to call him up again should we need any further work doing.’

Maria David,  June 2009

‘The before and after pictures say it all. James and his team have worked with passion to transform my garden from jungle to paradise..’

Alexandros  Scountjos,  February 2010

‘James Stockton transformed our small Belgravia courtyard in to a lush, visually delightful garden, stocked with evergreens and seasonal plants, all superbly lit against a subtle backdrop of mirrors, which doubled the volume of the space. His eye for space and colour is unerring; his follow up superb. We had no hesitation in recommending him to our friends, all of whom, I know, are equally impressed with the work he has done for them.’

Lakshman Menon,  December 2009


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